‘Dadolescents’ more likely to treat themselves on Father’s Day

Research from Tesco Bank reveals that dads are expecting to feel hard done by on Father’s Day.

Research from Tesco Bank reveals that dads are expecting to feel hard done by on Father’s Day. Less than a quarter (22%) believe that their family will make them feel special on Father’s Day and almost two thirds (59%) believe that their family spends more on Mother’s Day.

However, it seems most dads aren’t waiting around for presents from their family. The research has identified a generation of ‘dadolescents’ who enjoy treating themselves to the latest gadgets, designer gear and games consoles. 

The top five wish list for dadolescent spenders is:

1.       A new laptop

2.       A Nintendo DS

3.       Designer jeans

4.       iPad

5.       iPhone or similar smart phone device 

The latest technology takes precedence over more traditional “toys for the boys”, such as expensive golf clubs (7%) and hi-fi stereo equipment (15%).

It is the 30-something-dads who top the poll as the most financially indulgent, spending an average of £252.94 a month on themselves. As our father figures get older, this sum reduces drastically to £84.38 for those in the 40-45 year old bracket and just £65.22 for the over 45s.

A spokesperson for Tesco Bank says,

“This research into dads’ spending habits gives a fascinating insight into how they spend their ‘dadsposible income’. Gadgets are still top of the wish list and, while the stereotype is of the mid life crisis high spender, it is interesting that it the younger dads who are clinging onto their adolescence by treating themselves with the latest gadgets and games.”


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