Diversity & Inclusion

Everyone's welcome 

Our colleagues are the heart of our business. Quite simply, Tesco Bank is nothing without them. We love the unique characteristics, experiences and background every single person brings to work. And we’re fully committed to building an inclusive workplace that reflects the brilliantly diverse communities and customers we serve.

Inclusion is everything

It’s essential to our Tesco value of “we treat people how they like to be treated”. It’s front and centre of how we work across the business every day. It’s how we lead teams and shape the experiences colleagues have with us. 

As an employer, we want to create an environment where ‘Everyone’s Welcome.’, and we’ve made some great progress:

  • We recently ran an inclusion audit of the Bank with an independent assessor, speaking with hundreds of colleagues to understand where we can improve their experiences. We’ve used this feedback to create our Inclusion Agenda which has four areas of focus: Communication, Education, Talent Acquisition and Colleague Networks. 
  • We have five Colleague Networks to support, engage and educate colleagues on the challenges many groups of our society face. These networks are sponsored by a Director or Executive Committee member, ensuring senior support and engagement.
  • We’ve created an Inclusion Network, which is made up of Executive Committee members, Colleague Networks, our People Director, our Head of Colleague Experience and our CSR & Inclusion Manager. This group meet bi-monthly to continually build on our Inclusion Agenda. 
  • Inclusion is a direct responsibility of our Chief Executive, Gerry Mallon, to guarantee the highest level of support within the business.
  • The Bank is a signatory of HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter and has three clear targets: to increase the number of women at Director, Executive Committee and Board levels. We’re also members of Women in Banking and Finance, which supports women with mentoring, personal development, and networking to help progress their careers. 
  • As part of Tesco Group, Tesco Bank is a signatory of the Race at Work Charter. Working with external organisations makes sure we listen and learn to best practice for the benefit of colleague.
  • The mental wellbeing of our colleagues is at the top of our list of priorities – we have over 40 Mental Aid First Aiders across our three offices, an employee assistance programme, and free access to Headspace for all. We’re also in the process of rolling out training to all line managers across the Bank to better equip them for conversations with colleagues about their mental health.
  • We’ve worked with Remploy, using their expertise to improve our offices for colleagues with physical disabilities.
  • We’ve added Reciteme on our career’s website, which allows applicants a range of accessibility options, ensuring our colleague journey is inclusive from the start 

And we won’t stop. True inclusion means always pushing to know and do better. We regularly meet with our Inclusion teams across Tesco Group to share learnings and best practice, ensuring and totally joined up colleague experience. We’re making big, long-lasting improvements alongside tiny tweaks all the time, with a constant eye on how we can create an environment where ‘Everyone’s Welcome’.